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Assalamualaikum ..

Hye blogger! today is English day at my work place. trying to be good in English. ahha! talking about the Tagged Game. I was Tagged by Nayli. she really love DOMO n me too!! this Tagged Game is really interesting. do come n join this game :) let's play the game!


1 . You must POST these rules .
2 . Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal .
3 . Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post . And creat eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer .
4 . you have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post .
5 .go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER
6 . no TAG BACKS .
7 : no stuff in the tagging section about " YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOUARE READING THIS " YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY , TRUST , WITH ALL HONESTY ) have to tagged 11 people .

11 things about me:

-I love to Tweet n FB
-I'm a good listener
-I love to listening music everyday especially K-pop and reading novel
-I Love to wear shawl soo munchii
-I do love DOMO and other cute thing
-I love to Hangout with friends or without friends
-I like purple and most of my thing is purple n pinkish. opppss!
-I really obsess of korean drama
-I do like chocolate damn much !
-I look like a school girl when I wear my uniform ;p
-I never forget to bring my MP4, wallet, phone, head phone when going anywhere

Nayli Question :

1- are you taken or single ?
::I'm Single::
2- where the best place that you really like to visit ?
::Dreaming of going to Korea. Really want to go there::
3- u wirtten left and or right hand ?
::I'm right handed::
4- who the best person in you life ?
::My parents::
5- are you hate your ex-boyfie/gurlfie ?
::No. but still remember Him. Can't forget lol::
6- what your favourite celebrities ?
::Kim Beom::
7- the best song ever ?
::Hot Stuff by Davinchi and all korean songs::
8- are you like gossip ?
::Not to much::
9- you hate medicine ?
::Really HATE it but have to take medicine.HUHU::
10- are you stiil watching cartoon ?
::YES. Really love to watch cartoon. HAHA::
11- are you love animal ?
::opcoz! I have turtle name Bonoksss::

Here is question for u :
1- The name that ur family call u?
2- What colour are u wearing right now?
3- What's make u really in love about ur boyfie/girlfie?
4- The things that u never forget happen in ur life?
5- What songs make u want to repeat again n again when u listened to it?
6- Who is always make u want to smile n happy when u with Him/Her?
7- Blogging or Tumblr ?
8- What u doing in weekend?
9- What is always in ur bag?
10- Have u had crush on someone?
11- Had u get what u really want in life?

Random Tag :

::have fun::

Thanxx sudi bace . sila tinggalkan komen anda . oke !

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